Brielle’s marina will be owned by the company Centrum Haven Brielle for the time being. Kevin Rouss and Mandy Heemskerk will be the new harbor masters.

They will be responsible for managing the port. For example, they must ensure that boats moor safely at the jetties. But they are also responsible for hosting and welcoming visitors.

Rouss and Heemskerk are no strangers to Brielle. The entrepreneurs own Brielle Rental Center, which rents out boats and bicycles, among other things. “Adding the harbor mastery of Briel Harbor will allow us to provide an even more comprehensive service to the tourist area in the future,” Rouss said.

The harbor is an essential part of Brielle’s fortress. The municipality took over management from a private operator a few years ago, but has come to the conclusion that day-to-day operation would be better done by a market party. Chosen now is a “pilot year. “If it proves successful, the contract will be extended for four years,” said Alderman Robert van der Kooi.